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Tamora Pierce: Pregnancy Charm

Tamora Pierce: Pregnancy Charm

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Sold by healers almost everywhere in Tortall, this etched metal charm was worn around the neck as magical contraception.

  • Pendant made from acid-etched brass
  • Brass pendant — 1.25 x 1 inches (3.175 x 2.54 centimeters)
  • Leather cord — 17 inches

Note: Dual Wield Studio is committed to working with and collaborating with independent creators. This handmade item was crafted by one such independent creator. When purchasing, you acknowledge this was not made in an industrial-grade sterilized facility and may have been exposed to allergens and other environmental factors such as animals, nuts and other food allergens, and similar products.


Designed & Art Directed by Zara Varin
Crafted by Topolski Jewelry

© Tamora Pierce
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