At Dual Wield Studio, we have nearly a decade of combined experience working within the merchandise industry. Our services are available to you at a sliding scale rate to fit your needs. We have experience working with large companies, independent content creators, and everyone in between. Whether it's formatting design specs for a manufacturer, determining the most reasonable budget and timeline for projects, or going through a step-by-step process in making a product, we can help you get it all done — on time and on budget.

No matter the size and scope of your project, if you're struggling with ideas, uncertain of the process, or want someone to help you navigate manufacturing, we're here for you! We are happy to talk with you to determine your needs, your audience, and the scope of your project. From there, we can discuss ways in which we can work together to achieve your goals. If we think we can refer you to someone who is a better fit, we will. Above all, our objective is to help others with their merchandising needs and to support the creative community around us.

If you are interested, we will need some preliminary information to make sure that we can start things off strong. Fill out and submit the following form, or if you prefer, drop us an email with your answers:

Please note that due to volume, response time may take up to 3-5 business days. If you have the time and inclination, we also recommend you check out our MERCHANDISE 101 document. This guide isn't all inclusive, but it will help you make decisions about the sort of merchandise situations you can expect. 

Who do we want to work with? Everyone! How can we work with you?

Merchandise Solutions for Brands
If you're a company, large or small, a content creator (webcomics, books, indie games, Twitch streamer) or someone looking for a way to transform your brand into tangible merchandise, we offer as much or as little guidance as you want when creating merchandise, tailored to fit each client individually.

Event-specific merchandise (custom convention merchandise/exclusives, swag bags, etc), shipping fulfillment (for specific countries see our FAQ page), tailored customer service, and a variety of merchandise options for your fans are just some of the expertise we can offer you.

Artist Collaboration Series
Dual Wield Studio is proud to know and work with a variety of artists and designers who create some wonderful, unique works and our goal is to use our following and promote these artists to a wider audience. Together, we work with creators to create new, limited edition items that mix their look and feel with our own for original, limited edition products. 

We are also constantly looking for new creators who are looking to reach a wider audience via wholesale. Currently, we are purchasing 5-10 units by various creators to stock on our site. If you are interested in applying, please email hello @ with the items you would like to wholesale along with a price list to be considered. Unlicensed/unofficial items will not be considered.

Designer Fanfare
Sometimes an idea is so good that it just needs made, but it can be too time consuming, expensive or complicated for an artist to source, manufacture, test and import all on their own.

Dual Wield Studio steps in at any of these points, providing whatever is necessary for artists to create the items they want to see in the world, and that we believe you'll be as excited about as we are. In some cases, we offer artists the ability to house their original art and designs on our storefront where we handle fulfillment, customer service, ordering/reordering and all administrative tasks. 

Going on a vacation, a trip, or working a con? Let us handle the fulfillment for you via consignment! If you're interested in consignment options available as a backup when you travel for work, we're interested in working with you! Being a freelancer is hard enough without managing all the parts and pieces on your own  let us help!

The Armory

The Armory, a neat nook in our monthly email blasts for creators to feature their work!  As the name implies, it's an arsenal of creativity: artists, writers, and other creators will be able to pay a small fee to be featured, and readers of the newsletter will see your products in all of their shining glory.

Marketing yourself is exhausting.  Believe us when we say we know.

Getting out of your comfort zone and networking?  A nightmare.  Giving out business cards?  All fun and games until they run out.  Reaching the convention's whole audience, rather than just those who stop by your small table?  Feels impossible.

Or not.  We don't believe in no-win scenarios.

You'll be able to purchase a partnership with us to get your work in front of the eyes of more than 3000 subscribers.  While we love fandom as much as the next person, our focus is going to be on promoting creators with original designs and ideas.

With a digital footprint that leads right back to your haunts, new patrons will be able to follow you home.  Help yourself reach new potential clients, collaborators, and more!

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Something Else?

If any of these match what you're looking for, or if you have another way we can work together, please reach out to hello @