Dual Wield Studio is proud to work with a variety of talented artists, writers and other creators on our projects. We believe in partnering with independent creators to work with us on making quality merchandise, paying a fair wage, and giving credit to the ones who help us breathe life to our products. 

Below is a working list of our partner creators. If you are a freelance artist, designer, writer, or other creator and interested in working with us, please email us at with your resume and/or portfolio! 

Ariella Bouskila is an illustrator from Toronto. Ariella's day job is in animation, where she's drawn backgrounds for shows like Peg + Cat and The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again, but she also moonlights as a freelance artist. Ariella's work can be found at
Alyssa Maynard is an illustrator and designer from the Boston area. Alyssa loves all things lady knight, and she has mostly dedicated her time to anthology work such as the 1001 Knights project. Alyssa's work and art shop can be found at
Buboplague is a illustrator from USA. Buboplague's works can be found at the following locations: OhNooo.netTwitterInstagram; and their Etsy Shop.
dabe icon Dabe Alan is a photographer and designer living in Seattle, Washington. He works on the design team at Penny Arcade and can usually be found running around every PAX carrying way too much camera gear. He badly needs to re-launch his photography portfolio, but in the meantime reach out to him on Instagram or Twitter.
Erica is a designer/illustrator from Vancouver, Canada. She has worked on projects for clients of various shapes and sizes, including: ChowNow, Collab and Bench. When she isn't nudging pixels she's likely playing boardgames, snowboarding or taking intimate portraits of her cat. She can be found on the Internet on Twitter and Dribbble (and her cat on Instagram.)
Fickle Harpy has worked on a variety of projects and is available for commissions on their website.
Hilary Kamien's passion for working with plants began at an early age by mashing leaves, berries, and flowers into “potions” and maintaining her own small garden. Since creating her own jewelry, Hilary is building an ever-expanding materia medica of fine silver plants. Each piece is formed, cut, and filed by hand using molds from respectfully found plants. Her work can be found on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook
Jewels Lei is a New York-based designer focused in apparel design, fashion branding, textiles and print development. Their information can be found here.
Julie Holderman is a writer and editor from upstate New York. Julie has worked on multiple projects for Dual Wield Studio, Random House Children's Books, and private clients. Julie's work can be found at her website,
Kendra Wells is an illustrator and comic artist from Brooklyn, NY. They have worked as a cartoonist for The Nib, a colorist for The Castoffs, and a freelance artist for Critical Role. Their work can be found at their site, Patreon and Twitter.
Lael Bennett creates fused dichroic glass jewelry. The colors and sparkle of the dichroic glass inspire her and her techniques have been refined over the last 25 years. Lael is co-owner of Glass Expressions, a stained glass studio near Seattle. She has been creating fused dichroic glass jewelry for many years and also shares her techniques in the classes she teaches. Her work can be seen on her website and Etsy.
Marie Enger is an illustrator and comic artist working at HEK Studio in St. Louis, Missouri. Previous works include FHTAGN and LOATHING, NOSFERATU!, and We Are In A Dark Place. Find more at their storefront, website, and Twitter.
Tamara Camacho is an illustrator and graphic designer in Boston. Her work and info can be found here.
Turn On Red is a graphic designer and vector illustrator from New Jersey. She has worked with The AbleGamers Foundation, The Rectors, and Expo Logic. You can find her work at her website, StoreEnvy, and Instagram.
xfreischutz is a freelance artist based in Canada. Previous projects includes the Krem shirt for Sanshee and promotional work for Fabraz's Planet Diver. To see more of their work, check out their portfolio, Twitter or Tumblr.
Yoshi Yoshitani is an illustrator and concept artist based in California. She's done comic covers for Image, created The Fairytale Tarot, as well as the Ni No Kuni II Promotional art for Bandai. Check out her work on her site, StoreEnvy or Twitter.
Zoë Brookes is a graphic designer/illustrator living in Seattle, WA, specializing in the design and production of video game merchandise. She has worked at such studios as Bungie, Riot Games, and Irrational Games. Her work can be found at DesignByZoë and on Instagram.
MJ Erikson Profile Icon
MJ Erickson is an illustrator from Colorado. She has contributed artwork to Tamora Pierce's official site, created the "Creature Conservation" pin series, and draws comics (Circadia, The Thrilling Adventure Hour). You can find her work at her storefront and on
AP icon
Annyston H. Pennington (pen name: Raw) is an editor, writer, and artist originally from Texas. Raw holds freelance experience in all three areas and has served as staff or a contributor on multiple independent publications, including MONOCEROS, an anthology for which they are Editor-in-Chief. Raw's work and contact info can be found at the following locations: Twitter, Patreon, and their portfolio.  
Jayd "Chira" Aït-Kaci is an independent freelance artist from Canada. Jayd freelances for both independent and studio work, but focuses mainly on original story projects with her creative partner, Alex Singer, via Little Foolery, including titles such as Libertus Rubedo, Small Town Witch, and Sfeer Theory. Jayd's work can be found at
Kaiti Infante is an illustrator from Los Angeles. She has created several covers for BOOM! Studios and can be found at the following locations: SoftyGold, Instagram, Twitter
Laika is a writer and social media geek from California by way of New York. She has worked on a little bit of everything, but primarily writes I Was Summoned To Have Tea With The Demon Lord, But Now That I'm Stuck In This Other World, I Guess I'll Defeat Him under the pen name Windy Imagine. She can be found on Twitter and Wattpad.
Julie Dillon is a freelance artist from Oregon. Julie has worked on multiple projects for Wizards of the Coast, Tor Books, Penguin Books, and Llewellyn Worldwide. More of Julie's work can be found at: and their Instagram:
Christie Gross from the Pacific Northwest. Christie focuses on work with clothing, accessories, household items, and crafts. They have previous done c
ustom designed products for More of Christie's work can be found on Etsy.
Allison Geiss (aka Tamari) is a digital artist specializing in merchandise design and character illustration based in the Seattle, WA area. Their previous works include 
freelance illustration, personal Kickstarter-backed pin launches: Starry Animal Companions, Gabu the Lucky Gator, and others. More of Tamari's work can be found on 

Twitter, their shop Saberking.Art, and

Violette Lavillat AKA Woudi M is an illustrator and a 2D artist in the video games industry from Montreal, QC Canada. Their previous works include TVs show like Green Eggs and Ham, Arthur, and others. You can find out more about them on Twitter.
Alyssa Herman (Lokii) is a concept artist and illustrator. Her previous and current works include ex-GaiaOnline pixel artist, 2D artist at Hi-Rez Studios, and freelance game concept artist. You can find more about her work on Twitter,, and Lokii.Art.
Melora Mylin is an Illustrator / Designer in Oregon. Her previous works include A La Mode Sticker Club and Newgrounds Picollage 2020 Artist. You can find more about Melora on, Patreon, and Etsy