Dual Wield Studio started as a two-person team based out of Seattle built on one goal: Make things we love for the things we love. We want to create merchandise that we're excited for - whether it's for an IP that we're a fan of, or an original design that we think looks beautiful. But beyond that, we want to use it as an opportunity to help our communities. Our partnership was formed out of a shared desire to bridge gaps between IP holders, fans, and independent artists. It has since developed into a company founded on the following tenets: 

  • Brand recognition is improved by fandom creations, not diminished. If managed properly, IP holders and artists can work together to benefit from fandom while giving back to it. Developing an easier process for fans to make merchandise benefits everyone.
  • Merchandise shouldn't be made solely with monetization in mind. Any IP with a fan following was crafted with love, care, and dedication. Why should its merchandise be any different?
  • We have a moral obligation to support marginalized voices and pay a fair wage. We firmly believe that companies are in a unique position to promote marginalized voices and will take every opportunity to do so.


For clients, we act as a one-stop shop for merchandise design, manufacturing, online fulfillment, convention presence, sales assistance, and anything else you may need. We can tailor our services to your needs, whether it's handling everything from start to finish, or taking on a specific task in the merchandising process.

For creators, we are setting a new bar when it comes to companies working with independent artists. Freelance work can be exciting and rewarding, but sometimes freelancers can be taken advantage of when it comes to pay, contract negotiation, and artist rights. We want to help make you successful by leveraging our own time and experience, because together we can change the landscape of merchandising and make it better for everyone.

For customers, we are honing in on what you want, when you want it. All of our designs are made with both you and ourselves in mind. We create items that we want to see in the world, while also striving to provide content and information you value and connecting you to the brands you love. 


Every product on our website is officially licensed or original branded merchandise. At no point will we ever sell unlicensed or "bootleg" items. We are committed to this promise as we firmly believe it benefits everyone - from the creators and IP holders, to the artists and designers, to the fans and customers. 

We are also dedicated to making sure our products are responsibly sourced wherever possible. We look for every opportunity to work with small businesses and independent artists.  We attempt to use packaging that is sustainable where possible. All items manufactured overseas are tested and pass US Customs' requirements.


Art by Jayd Aït-Kaci

Rowan has been involved in fandom for as long as she can recall. She has worked on numerous projects at a wide variety of jobs, including designing training for customer service companies, handling sales and social media, and managing a pop culture merchandise company. She then moved on to use all the knowledge she has gained to form Dual Wield Studio with Adri. Most importantly, Rowan has two very sweet (dumb) cats, and she really likes robots, fanfiction, and bad horror movies.

Art by Jayd Aït-Kaci

Adrienne spent most of her life on the move, growing up in Korea, Japan, USA, and Canada. She has been lucky enough to find a career that combines her passion for fandom with her love of art, fashion, and collaborating with people to make cool things. Adri departed Dual Wield Studio in August 2020, but remains an avid supporter and friend of the company. She now lives and works in Los Angeles as the Product Design & Development Manager of Critical Role. In her free time, she plays video games and rides horses.


Art by Jayd Aït-Kaci

Josh is the Second for Dual Wield Studio, assisting Rowan with high-level decision making, team management, and more. He's also a professor at NYU Game Center and the Founder of Intelligame, a community/game site that focuses on making real-world connections to the world of games. When he's not working on Dual Wield Studio work, you may find him streaming on Twitch or working on other projects around the internet.

Art by Jayd Aït-Kaci

Ritzy has been active in fandoms for years whether it’s pranking friends in co-op, making bad interesting choices in-character at the table, or having passionate feelings about anime. They’re thrilled to bring their technical expertise and nerd cred to Dual Wield Studio. Ritzy is joined by their work associate Rylie, a goblin queen who masquerades as a Siamese cat.

Art by Jayd Aït-Kaci

Mallerie, more of a music fandom person (unless you are talking about Splinter Cell then let’s talk) but still very much a player of video games, was born and raised in the hot desert of Phoenix, Arizona. Totally opposite from her love of all things green in nature, she collects houseplants to make up for it. Aside from that, she loves fashion, architecture, rain, magic/spirituality, and audio dramas. Dual Wield Studio has been a dream career combo of fashion and video games for her. Mallerie has two munchkins that keep her young and spry and a pet houseplant called Planty.

Art by Jayd Aït-Kaci

Hannako is an Ignatz-nominated comic artist and designer experienced in both traditional and digital art, and prior to joining Dual Wield Studio, was a veteran of the convention scene with more than a decade's experience. She primarily specializes in pin manufacturing, and wrote some of the premier texts in the field, Welcome to Pin Hell (2018) and Inner Circles of Pin Hell (2019). In the rare moments she's not designing and creating art, she enjoys video games, travel, and frequent naps.