Intellectual property rights are something we take very seriously with the licensing industry and with the variety of small creators we represent and work with. To that end, it is our policy to respond to any notices about alleged copyright infringement per DMCA.

If you believe your work has, for some reason, been infringed upon by one of our artists, creators, or something on our website please let us know!

When reaching out about DMCA issues please ensure you include the following information in your email to

1. Your Contact Information
    • Full, legal name and name you prefer to go by if necessary. 
    • Company or organization
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Email

2. Links to infringing work, or screenshots

  • Please provide direct link(s) to the items that you believe infringe. 
  • Please use screenshots if this is not available. 

3. Links to your work, or screencaps of where it was originally located, or any supplementary information we can use to validate. 

By submitting you are acknowledging that you either own the rights to the potentially infringing item or you are legally allowed to reach out on behalf of the artist, creator, etc. 

If you are reaching out not officially on behalf of an artist but to make us aware of potentially infringing materials, please still use the same contact information and form and simply let us know you are not the IP holder.