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Knifecat Patch by MarlaDraw

Knifecat Patch by MarlaDraw

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Your tiny dangerous friend in patch form!

These iron-on patches are 100% embroidered with black, shiny silver and yellow thread.

  • Measures approx 2.75" wide from knife to back leg
  • Ensure your garment is iron-safe (no nylons, vinyls, leathers)
  • Make sure clothing item and back of patch are clean and dust-free
  • Fully heat iron on cotton or 400 degrees setting
  • Place patch face up on desired area, lay a thin cloth over the patch
  • Iron firmly in a slow circular motion for 30 seconds
  • Flip garment inside-out and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds
  • Let cool for one minute, if the edge can be lifted repeat ironing.
  • Sewing the patch can guarantee permanence

Design: Marla Draw

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