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Ita Bag Window Inserts

Ita Bag Window Inserts

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These padded inserts are custom fitted to our Moon Ita Bag and Sun Ita Bag, so each design fits perfectly to the window. Each insert attaches securely to our ita bag with snaps, and swapping them out is a breeze. Never worry about losing a pin again!

  • Padded to securely hold your pins
  • Built in snaps attach to ita bag
  • High resolution digital printing for clear, bright designs
  • All inserts sold separately from bags; Sun and Moon Ita bag come with their own inserts

Celestial Wolves Design: xfreischutz
Zodiac Constellations Design: Jayd Aït-Kaci
Star Design: Jewels Lei
Gabriel Design: Rowan's phone

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