The three illustrated prints comprising the Iron Trio Postcard Set  are fanned out. From left to right: Shimin lounges on Yizhi's lap while they enjoy tea in the moonlight; Zetian romantically straddles Yizhi, dressed in a gossamer moonlit dress; and winged Shimin holding winged Zetian in a bay doorway surrounded by glowing feathers.
The Iron Trio Postcard set displayed on red and gold silk.
The cool toned Yizhi and Shimin print, the dusky Zetian and Yizhi print, and the fiery Shimin and Zetian print side by side.
The black and white back side of each postcard features standard blank address lines and a stamp box. There is a small "Iron Widow" logo on the top left of the card, and artist credits with a black inked bird wing flowing along the bottom of the card.

Iron Widow: Iron Trio Postcard Set

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One ship, three dynamics! Get the full range of the Iron Triangle with this shimmering postcard set featuring our favorite OT3.


Set of 3 postcards, each 4 x 6 inches (10.2cm x 15.2cm), printed on shimmering pearlescent card stock.

Each postcard features a full-color illustration of Zetian, Yizhi, and Shimin in each pairing of their polyamorous trio on the front, and traditional postcard details in black ink on the reverse.


© Xiran Jay Zhao

Shimin & Zetian artwork: Kingjack

Yizhi & Shimin artwork: 每_木 (Měi Mù)

Zetian & Yizhi artwork: 藏藏是一只尖脸藏狐 (Cáng Cáng Shì Yī Zhǐ Jiān Liǎn Cáng Hú)

Postcard Back & Direction: Mengmeng Liu


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