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Iron Widow: Iron Trio Postcard Set

Iron Widow: Iron Trio Postcard Set

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One ship, three dynamics! Get the full range of the Iron Triangle with this shimmering postcard set featuring our favorite OT3.


Set of 3 postcards, each 4 x 6 inches (10.2cm x 15.2cm), printed on shimmering pearlescent card stock.

Each postcard features a full-color illustration of Zetian, Yizhi, and Shimin in each pairing of their polyamorous trio on the front, and traditional postcard details in black ink on the reverse.


© Xiran Jay Zhao

Shimin & Zetian artwork: Kingjack

Yizhi & Shimin artwork: 每_木 (Měi Mù)

Zetian & Yizhi artwork: 藏藏是一只尖脸藏狐 (Cáng Cáng Shì Yī Zhǐ Jiān Liǎn Cáng Hú)

Postcard Back & Direction: Mengmeng Liu


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