Dual Wield Studio Mask Creation

Dual Wield Studio Mask Creation

COVID-19 is changing everything around us and it will not be going away any time soon.  Dual Wield Studio launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to bring necessary PPE supplies to hospitals in Washington and across the country, but there is more we can do. As you may have seen, the CDC is recommending wearing masks if you must go out. PPE supplies need to be saved for our healthcare workers, but cloth masks will do for going outside.

With the loss of conventions and tradeshows, layoffs, furloughs, and the lack of a government support network, many people within fandom are unsure how to continue to make ends meet. We hope to help those affected within our community in any way we can.

Starting today (Monday, April 5th) we are hiring cosplayers, hobby sewists and anyone else who can follow the pattern provided by Providence to create masks for everyday wear. Dual Wield Studio is committed to paying a living wage for all work: a rate of $20 per hour, or a rate of $1.25 per mask, whichever is less. (Note, after creation 6/1: all creators were paid $20/hr, more than $1.25 per mask.)

Our goal is to work within our community to create and sell dust masks (not CDC or FDA approved) to anyone who needs one. Others in our community such as Volante Designs are offering similar products as well. 

If you are seeking employment, please visit this Google form to fill out our application after viewing our job post here

We have been growing our network of cosplayers and sewists over the last few months, creating items such as our custom apparel found here or one of our works in progress, seen below by Akira D.

Our goal is to bring as much production back into the United States as possible, by hiring those most in need of employment. 

For each sale of a mask, an additional mask will go to a hospital in need. 

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We will work with a fast-growing network of independent contractors within the United States who can produce masks. We will pay for an initial run and have a third party vet the quality of the masks. Once vetted, the masks will be sent to a dry cleaning service when and where possible. 

If you are a LICENSOR or IP HOLDER, we would love to work with you on a temporary license to create licensed masks featuring art of your characters, IP, or logo. Please reach out to hello@dualwieldstudio.com if you would be interested. 

If you are a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION we would love to partner with you to do branded masks, and donate a portion of the funds to your organization. 

If you are an ARTIST or INDEPENDENT CREATOR who would like to create a bundle (mask + a pin or other small item that can fit in a box) and are able to do a NO CONTACT drop off of your items on a consignment basis, please reach out to hello@dualwieldstudio.com.

If you are an INVESTOR passionate about creative solutions to problems you might not know about, we would love to chat. Please reach out to hello@dualwieldstudio.com

If you would like to place a bulk purchase for a hospital, office, or other location, please reach out to hello@dualwieldstudio.com. There are many different companies attempting to help; it is very possible you have one doing this locally. Please reach out to your local small businesses to offer your support if possible.
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