Dual Wield Studio is hiring!

Dual Wield Studio is hiring!

Are you a cosplayer, hobby sewist, or someone else with the ability to sew masks, and in need of work? 

The CDC has issued a recommendation that everyone should be wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19. Leaving N95s and other PPE to medical workers is essential. With hospitals asking for donations of home-sewn masks, and many people out of work, we want to solve two problems at once. 

We are hiring people to make the same type of masks following hospital patterns, for everyday use. While these masks are not a replacement for CDC-vetted masks or FDA approved, they are a quick, considerate way to run your errands. 


  • Compensation is $20 an hour, or $1.25 per mask (whichever is less), not including the cost of materials.

  • A full 8 hour workday includes a paid 30-minute lunch and two paid 15-minute breaks.

  • You will also receive up to an hour of paid setup time so you can prepare your workspace.

  • After speaking to many different cosplayers and sewists, we've determined an average of 20-25 masks can be produced per hour at a comfortable rate. If you cannot comfortably produce 20 perfect quality masks within an hour, but can produce detailed, embellished, or decorative fronts to masks, we would still like to speak to you. We will have a separate job post if the demand arises.

  • We will require a minimum of 2 hours' worth of masks from you (40-50 masks) if you are hired for this position. These masks will be due the day after all paperwork is completed in its entirety. We ask that you have the ability to do a CONTACTLESS DROP OFF or PICKUP at your nearest shipping facility. USPS, Fedex and others will deliver you shipping supplies in some cases, or the post office will have priority items for you to use. If you cannot utilize one of these methods, at this moment we cannot work with you. Please wait until our next job posting; we hope to be able to ship shipping supplies to you directly. 
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