Alanna's 40th Anniversary Collection Update Roundup

Alanna's 40th Anniversary Collection Update Roundup

Back in November of last year, we announced the 40th Anniversary Collection celebrating Tamora Pierce’s Alanna: The First Adventure. We’re a couple months into the production pipeline, and wanted to give some updates on how the collection is coming together!

Starting off with the artwork on the Heroic Three Long Sleeve as well as the Acrylic stand, we saw your feedback and made some changes! We noticed folks wanting to see the fire included in some designs depicted in the violet of her gift in canon. 

A comment that reads "Why tf is Alanna's gift orange fire, not purple?????"
A comment that reads "I love the design on the shirt, but I'm a little bothered by the fact that the magic in her hand and down the sleeves isn't purple. The mug is also cool. And I always love me a sword."
An excerpt from Alanna's First Adventure that reads "Thom," she whispered. "He's being attacked. The earthquake is magic. It's the color - of Thom's Gift, all blood-red-" "Blood? But his is purple, like-" "Corrupted," she gasped as they flew down the hall that led to Thom's rooms. "Turned blood-color." "What color would purple and orange make?" George asked as they came to a halt. "Roger's Gift and the Trebond Gift?" Alanna felt even sicker.


We revised the limited-palette warm colorway of the designs featuring that fire and magic to more fully reflect Alanna’s gift, so you’ll notice a slight shift in the overall hues of the design. As a result, we updated the artwork to reflect that and are excited to share a revised sample! We hope you’ll look forward to it and appreciate your feedback.


Updated artwork of the Heroic Three with Alanna's gift being violet instead of the previous orange.

A sample of the updated sleeve colors.


Next with the Faithful Embroidered Hat, we’re in the process of testing out the embroidery on hat samples and making some adjustments as we go. Aside from one or two minor tweaks, you’ll soon be able to take Faithful with you on all your adventures.


An updated embroidery sample of Faithful on the front of a hat.

An updated embroidery sample of a sword on the side of a hat.

An updated embroidery sample of Faithful peeking up at you with three paw prints on a hat.


The Pregnancy Charm is undergoing some testing with antiquing & protective finishings, but otherwise is moving along nicely. Reminder that this charm necklace is made of brass, so you won’t want to get it wet!


The front side of the Pregnancy Charm.

The back side of the Pregnancy Charm, which reads "Designed by Zara Varin, Handmade by Topolski Jewelry. © 2023 Tamora Pierce."


We’re thrilled to share that our Dancing Dove mug is fully complete and ready for liftoff this upcoming May! This stunning mug is hand-thrown by Ruby Farms Pottery, with artwork by Kaiti Infante and engraved by Bread & Badger.


One side of the Dancing Dove mug.

The front side of the Dancing Dove mug, featuring artwork of a dove.

Another side of the Dancing Dove mug.

Coming in at just under 7.5 inches in length, soon you too will be able to wield your own tiny blade with our Lightning Mini Sword! We explored a few different finish options with our manufacturer to hone in on the options that make all those details stand out - check them out below!


Four different samples of the Lightning Sword against a ruler.

Soon you’ll be able to mark your favorite passages with this set of page overlays, available in two different sizes to tuck between pages (or frame for display!) with artwork by Erika Hollice, Savanna Mayer, and Zara Varin. After some minor adjustments to the print hue and opacity, these will be good to go with the collection launch in May!


Three separate page overlay illustrations.

Lastly, we’re working on some print quality refinements with this exclusive limited-edition variant portrait of Alanna by Elisabeth Alba but she’s otherwise looking gorgeous. 

A photo of the variant Alanna portrait where she is removing her helmet.

We’ll have further updates on our Alanna’s 40th Anniversary Collection in our next roundup, but for now we hope you’re looking forward to everything we have planned for May! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the collection goes live.

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