Announcing the 40th Anniversary Collection Celebrating Tamora Pierce’s Alanna: The First Adventure

A collage of all ten new products being announced below in the Tamora Pierce 40th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alanna: The First Adventure–the first installment of Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness fantasy novel quartet, we’re excited to announce the Alanna 40th Anniversary Collection, which will release its first wave of products May 2024

This will be the fourteenth collection released in official partnership with Tamora Pierce and her team. In celebrating this milestone anniversary, we collaborated with our fellow fans to design every part of this collection.

Each artist, longtime fans of the series, embraced aspects of Alanna’s story that resonated with them to create each of these stunning pieces that comprise the Alanna 40th Anniversary Collection:

A black slip ceramic mug carved with an image of a soaring dove in front of the sun

Dancing Dove Sandcarved Mug
Art by Kaiti Infante, Hand Thrown by Ruby Farms Pottery with Engraving by Bread & Badger

A print of Alanna meeting eyes with the viewer as she dons her helmet

Alanna the Lioness Limited Edition Variant Print
Art by Elisabeth Alba

A maroon longsleeved t-shirt featuring Alanna leaping with Moonlight the horse and Faithful the cat, with orange and red flame magic details up the sleeves.

Heroic Three Long Sleeve Tee
Art by Erika Hollice

A lavender baseball cap embroidered with a dark purple cat in front of a sword

Faithful Embroidered Hat
Art by Savanna Mayer, Embroidery by Clammy Heart

A red and orange standee displaying Alanna leaping upward, holding her sword aloft. White flames roar behind her.

Alanna Acrylic Phone Standee, Art by Erika Hollice

A small, desk-friendly silver sword replica. Swirls are shown on the blade.

Lightning Mini Sword, Designed by Alyssa Maynard, 3D Sculpt by Courtney Clay & Zara Varin

An even smaller silver sword.

Lightning Sword Pin, Designed by Alyssa Maynard, 3D Sculpt by Courtney Clay & Zara Varin

A dark green zipper pouch showing a fiery-haired Alanna riding Moonlight.

Lioness March Zipper Bag, Art by Courtney Donkersteeg

A brass charm, shaped like an upside-down pear, with a swirling crescent moon design and brown cord necklace.

Pregnancy Charm, Art by Zara Varin, Crafted by Topolski Jewelry

A trio of page overlays, featuring different parts of Alanna's story.

Alanna 40th Anniversary Page Overlay Set, Art by Erika Hollice, Savanna Mayer, and Zara Varin


“Creating this collection has been a monumentous joy,” says Zara Varin, Art Director and Senior Product Designer, Dual Wield Studio. “Alanna's story was my introduction to the world of Tortall and has been the one that resonated with me the most in the years since (especially as a fellow scrappy ginger outside the gender binary). I hope our fellow fans will love this collection celebrating Alanna as much as we do!”

"I couldn't be more proud of the work that's gone into the 40th Anniversary collection," says Paulomi Pratap, Producer, Dual Wield Studio. "Alanna and lady knights like her have been my heroes for as long as I can remember, and being able to work on a collection that brings her story to life has been a gift."

"When I started out as a writer, my biggest regret was a sad lack of physical art work, for inspiration, and for turning my workspace into a window on the Tortallan scene,” said Tamora Pierce, Song of the Lioness author. “Then Dual Wield Studio entered the Tortall world, giving it a fresh grounding. Fans can now create their own tales of Tortall and its heroes, as well as savoring the pieces that turn a room into a setting for nature and dreams. I hope you love these attractions as much as I do!"

We hope you’re as excited as we are for these upcoming products! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue through product development! We’ll be sharing progress over the next couple months as this collection manifests.

Though these items will not be available for preorder, you can stay up to date with news about official Tamora Pierce merchandise by signing up for Dual Wield Studio’s newsletter here.

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