2023 Recap - A Year in Review

2023 Recap - A Year in Review

As 2023 comes to a close (time is fake, btw), we wanted to take a moment to look back at the year we’ve had at Dual Wield Studio, everything we’ve accomplished, and a sneak peek of what’s to come in the future. Buckle up!

In February, with the rise of AI art at the time, we spoke with our lawyers at Hughes Media Law Group to discuss what exactly was going on, how your artwork could be potentially stolen to feed the algorithm machine, and what actual legal counsel had to say about it. Interested in learning more? You can read about it here.

Our first launch of the year came in March with a restock of a selection of pins from our Tamora Pierce collection, as well as our first ever venture into blankets! They were a huge hit with fans, selling out within a few days, and you might just be seeing more blankets from us in the future.

A GIF of our March 2023 Tamora Pierce collection.

Next, as a part of our partnership with Innersloth, we released our Cursed Merch 2023 collection in alignment with April Fools’ Day for Among Us. This collection featured not only real products, but a slew of delightfully devious illustrations created by both the Innersloth and Dual Wield Studio teams.

A GIF of the 2023 Among Us Cursed Merch collection.




A GIF of all of the goof product illustrations, part of the 2023 Among Us Cursed Merch collection.
In order of appearance: A-NUG-US by Zara Varin, Crewmba by Lindsay Ishihiro, The Humungus by Zara Varin with support by Erik Tetreault & Nick Trujillo, Crewmate Pool Floaty by Amy Liu, Crewmate Slap Bracelet by Nick Trujillo, Charles Helicopter Body Pillow by Puffballs United, with concept by Zara Varin, Oops! All Beans! Impostor Cookbook by Katie McDermott, and MIRA's Suspiciously Delicious Impasta & Beanaroni by Abby Palma.  


April also saw the launch of our very first Among Us Artist Alley bundle, where we partnered with fan artists to make their works available on the Innersloth storefront. The Murder Room featured products that centered on the dangers of electrical.


A GIF of the Murder Room bundle.

Fast forwarding to what was quite a busy June, we saw the return of our annual Pride collection, where we launched a brand new tee in collaboration with Flash Flood, designed by Lilly Strom and Dan Rocky. As always, 10% of purchases from the collection is donated to queer charities annually!

A photo of our PRIDE collaboration tee.

Back to Innersloth, we launched Shop Among Us, an exclusive X, formerly known as Twitter 😏, page where we feature any and all Innersloth merchandise! Drop us a follow there to keep up with any mischief we may have in store.

An illustration of a Crewmate as a shopkeeper.

Artwork by Mengmeng Liu.


In tandem with the Shop Among Us launch, June also brought with it the Among Us 5th Anniversary Collection, where we celebrated five years of suspicion and sabotage. Featuring artwork by Amy Liu, PuffballsUnited, ChromaFeyArt, Kiri Krogsgaard, and Mengmeng Liu

Group image of our Among Us 5th Anniversary collection.

Moving on to July, we saw the second installment of our Among Us Artist Alley collection, the Crewtie Patootie bundle! Featuring absolutely adorable pieces by Am(a)rte Studio Co., StickMeNext, and Euniysu.

 A group photo of our Crewtie Patootie Among Us Artist Alley bundle.

On the Dual Wield Studio side, we also saw the second installment of our Iron Widow collection, which featured a rather...well-endowed mousepad, you could say, in addition to a brand new pin & prints.

An image of or newest Iron Widow collection.

As part of our collaborative partnership with Briarwick Candles for Tamora Pierce, we launched the Location Series, highlighting scents from five different locations from the Tortall universe and bringing them to life.

An image of our Tamora Pierce Location Series, made with Briarwick Candles.

September came in with a bang with the teaser announcement of our next Tamora Pierce collection celebrating Alanna’s 40th Anniversary, coming May 2024! To properly celebrate this milestone anniversary, we teamed up with longtime fans to design each piece, ensuring that the collection would be made with love for the fans, by the fans. Publishers Weekly even included the announcement in their November roundup, which you can read here!

A mockup of our upcoming collection in celebration of Alanna's 40th Anniversary.

Just in time for spooky season, over on the Innersloth storefront we launched our suspiciously cozy Autumnus collection, featuring artwork by Louis Besnier, Hannako Lambert, and Steady Hands. Not being cozy is always an emergency, after all.

A GIF of our 2023 Among Us Autumnus collection.

And last but certainly not least, November brought in exciting news that after a long journey of getting the details all squared away, we’re finally able to offer shipping to the UK & EU! We’re more than thrilled to be able to offer this to our friends & fans across the pond.

A graphic announcing we now ship to the UK & EU!

And with that, 2023 comes to a close. The team at Dual Wield Studio will be taking a much deserved winter break from December 18 - January 8, but we wanted to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone that has supported us this year. It’s been real, it’s been fun, it’s been real fun. Until next year, stay safe out there! ⚔️
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