FREELANCE Contract Work - Photographer/Videographer

Job Details

Job Type: Freelance, fully remote, flexible hours

  • Note: We're only seeking US-based applicants at this time, due to shipping logistics to send product internationally.

Base Compensation: 

  • $100/hour hourly rate, negotiable
  • Budget covered for models, location, and props–all must be quoted and approved prior to moving forward with shoot


  • 2+ years photography experience, shooting product and/or models
  • Knowledge of and access to studios, lighting, equipment, props, and models
  • Experience ideating creative execution based on provided briefs, mood boards, and shot lists
  • Experience editing photos and video to provided specifications, with access to relevant industry-standard editing software, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Strong understanding of lighting and photo composition

Job Summary from Dual Wield Studio

Dual Wield Studio seeks additional freelance photographers/videographers to capture product and lifestyle photography and video for our merchandise capsule collections. These assets will be used on our Shopify product pages and in our social media/marketing efforts.

The general process for working with Dual Wield Studio is as follows:

  • Dual Wield Studio creates a merchandise capsule collection of 4-12 items
  • Dual Wield Studio prepares and provides a brief, mood board, and shot list for product and/or lifestyle photography, along with the products, for the freelance photographer/videographer
  • Freelance photographer/videographer location scouts, assesses prop and model needs, and makes arrangements for the photo shoot
  • Once shot, Freelance photographer/videographer provides unedited proofs to Dual Wield Studio to make final selects and provide any notes for adjustment
  • Freelance photographer/videographer provides final processed photography at specified export sizes to Dual Wield Studio

We’re looking for 2-3 additional freelance photographers/videographers that can adapt, innovate, and add their own flair within the boundaries of the provided vision and specs to our roster. We work on exciting properties, from the hit game Among Us to award-winning fantasy series like Tamora Pierce’s The Tortall Universe.

The ideal candidate will be able to do all of the following: product photography on white backgrounds, lifestyle photography with multiple locations, props, and models (using provided direction), and create short video content for social media (using provided direction). 

Please send your resume/CV and portfolio to with the subject line “Freelance Photographer/Videographer”.


Product Photography:

  • Shoot, edit, and deliver necessary exports of studio quality photos showing product turnarounds against a white background, following direction from the provided shot list
  • Must be able to match the white backgrounds and general quality of light used in our existing product photography
  • Experienced with exporting a sequence of photos to animated gifs to highlight products with movement and/or multiple states (such as lenticular pins)

Lifestyle Photography:

  • Shoot, edit, and deliver necessary exports of studio-quality photos showing product on models and in our world, following direction from the provided brief, mood board, and shot list
  • Location scout to find best-suited areas to shoot lifestyle photography
  • Source and hire models as needed
  • Source and procure props as needed