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Speed Dating for Ghosts: Room of Black Pin Set

Speed Dating for Ghosts: Room of Black Pin Set

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"The Room of Black isn't really a room at all. It's more of a garden courtyard. The sun beats down as you squint to see what's growing. Rows upon rows of yellow and brown plants. Drying and rotting in the sun. What fruit these plants produced shriveled on the vine. But there's a peace to this place. The crickets are chirping. And well beyond the garden, a train passes. You sit at a table opposite an empty chair."

The plants may be dead, but these limited-edition pins are a glowing reminder of your favorite Room of Black companions from indie video game Speed Dating for Ghosts. Gary, Hattie, and Drea are present to remind you that there is always a light in the dark. And we didn’t forget the flowers.

  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Enamel Pin
  • Approx. 1.5in/3.8cm (Hattie), 1.7in/4.3cm (Gary), 1.8in/4.5cm (Drea), 1.5in/3.8cm (Flower)

Designed by: Hannako Lambert

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