Three wax seals next to each other with their corresponding sealing wax in blue, green, and brown.
Three wax seals laid on their sides to reveal the seal in gold with their corresponding sealing waxes leaning across each seal. From left to right: Tortall shield seal, George's swords seal, and Alanna's lioness seal.
Each of the sealed waxes on a white piece of paper.

Tamora Pierce: Wax Seal Sets

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Whether you're sending encrypted messages to the Royal Spy Service or responding to reports, don't forget to seal your messages. 

  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • Seal measures approximately 3.5'' tall with the seal measuring 1.1''
  • Each seal sold individually in a ribbon-wrapped box with 1 sealing wax. 

Tortall, A Spy's Guide © Tamora Pierce
Design: Kaiti Infante

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