The MOVE IM GAY bumper sticker has a rainbow background and white blocky text. It is printed backwards in order to be read correctly in a rearview mirror.
The MOVE IM GAY bumper sticker sits with multicolored rainbow shredded paper.
The bumper sticker is shown in front of a bedroom mirror to display how it is meant to be read.
The move I'm gay bumper sticker is on the front of a silver van, being viewed from the driver's side rearview mirror perspective.

Curlworks: MOVE I’M GAY Bumper Sticker

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Put this bumper sticker on the front of your car to make those slowpokes in front of you GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

Pride is over, but we'll still be donating 10% of purchases from our collection to queer charities annually!

  • Text is intentionally reversed so drivers in front of you will read this beautiful message right-way-round in their rear-view mirror.
  • Beautifully and vibrantly printed on durable weatherproof vinyl with a matte finish.
  • 10 in x 3 in

Design: Curlworks