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Tamora Pierce: Tortall Map

Tamora Pierce: Tortall Map

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A full-color map featuring Tamora Pierce's iconic world of Tortall, designed by field geologist Emily Miller.

  • Product measurements and stock:  
    • 15.75" x 12.5" Paper Size (Artwork Size: 13.88" x 11.13")
      • Uncoated Smooth Cover 100# (14pt) White
    • 18" x 15" Paper Size (Artwork Size: 15.88" x 12.63")
      • Cougar Smooth Cover 65# (8.8pt) White Uncoated
    •  26.6" x 36" Paper Size (Artwork Size: 29.38" x 23.25")
      • Cougar Smooth Text 100# (7.5pt) White Uncoated
  • Prints will have some white space on either left/right side, due to the size of the print.
  • Comes unframed; framing photos are of the original item and for illustration purposes only
  • Not limited edition. Will restock when out of stock. 
  • If you're based in Australia, NZ, or Asian-Pacific regions, please check out our new, official partnership with Hawberries. We have partnered with them to try and mitigate the cost to ship items worldwide! If you are located within one of those regions, please check here to place your order (please note this is currently ONLY FOR THE 15.75" X 12.5")!  

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