What's Your Sign? - Introducing Characters from Creator-Owned Series

What's Your Sign? - Introducing Characters from Creator-Owned Series

On June 13th we launched our Zodiac Pin Collection Kickstarter in collaboration with artist Jayd Aït-Kaci. Thanks to your support, we're almost there and we're so excited to make these pins!


As part of our ongoing mission to promote other creators, we've worked with authors and artists to put together a list of characters with their corresponding astrological signs. We hope you check these creators and their incredible works out! To visit their site, click on the links provided.


From Mildred Louis' webcomic AGENTS OF THE REALM.

♈️ ARIES: Paige Fierro, born April 15th.
About: A real fighter at heart and, well, on the outside really, Paige is a bonafide Aries. As long as you let her call all of the shots, there'll be no real conflict to deal with. Don't try to call her bluff though (she'd actually prefer it that way).

♉️ TAURUS: Norah Tanner, born May 11th.
About: Like all good cows, Norah's goal in life is to be comfortable, sleeping, eat good food and not be bothered while she indulges in these activities (sometimes all at once). Though don't be fooled by her mild manner as encroaching on her sense of security will make the bull's horns come out.

♎️ LIBRA: Jordan Liu, born October 11th.
About: She's a peacekeeper, social butterfly, and a real sweet talker. Skilled with the gifts of charm and diplomacy, sometimes Jordan can talk her way into a corner that she eventually has to actually work her way out of - every Libra's worst nightmare.

♏️ SCORPIO: Adele Silveira, born October 30th.
About: Passionate, Focused, Driven. If you ever need someone in your corner, a Scorpio is a good way to go and Adele is no exception to that. The only problem? Sometimes that intensity can go too far, causing her to burn anyone and anything around her just to get to her goal.

♑️ CAPRICORN: Kendall Matthews, born December 29th.
About: Having everything in working order is always Kendall's priority like every Capricorn. After all, once everything is running smoothly, she can finally relax, right? Unfortunately, Cappies have a hard time taking that worker cap off and trusting other people to do the job and Kendall is no exception.


From author Meredith Katz's novel ONLY HUMAN.

♈️ ARIES: Saul Jastrow, born April 6th
About: Saul is an enthusiastic, honest, and passionate guy who tends to act first and think later. When a necromantic curse has him looking for love in all the undead places, he has to curb his impatient and moody urges to be sensitive to his zombie boyfriend's unique needs.

♍️ VIRGO: Theo, born September 19th
About: Life is hard for a 7' tall zombie cobbled together from mismatched parts. Always practical, Theo has adjusted by focusing on his work and pretending he doesn't notice others staring. Shy and kind, it's still hard to like himself enough to believe he could truly be loved.


From author Meredith Katz’s novella SMOKE SIGNALS.

♉️ TAURUS: Mike St. George, born April 23rd.
About: A CSR for a game company, Mike is a calm, practical man who takes tough cases on shift and knits on break. When a dragon comes into his life, it takes all Mike's stubborn grit to break through the dragon's arrogance and make sure they have a relationship on equal footing.

♑️ CAPRICORN: Zali'thurg (aka Zee), born (hatched) December 30th.
About: Billionaire and literal dragon, the arrogant and condescending Zali'thurg has kept apart from humans, fearing how easy he finds it to get emotionally attached to them. Shame if hiring a human to help him digitize his hoard of video games were to prove this fear correct.


From author Meredith Katz’s novel BEAUTY & CRUELTY.

♋️ CANCER: Martin, born July 13th.
About: Being trapped in a fairy tale world is bad, being forced into becoming Beauty to a Beast is worse. Imaginative, loyal, and empathetic to both the Beast and the evil fairy who caused this, Martin nevertheless is tenaciously determined not to fall into the expected role.


From Meredith Katz's novel EMPTY VESSELS.

♌️ LEO: Hiraeth (aka the Horned Boy, born August 1st.)
About: Hiraeth may look human to most people, but those with Sight can see his antlers and know he's something Other. Cheery, warm-hearted, dramatic, passionate, a wee bit vain, and very stubborn, he might be thousands of years old, but he lives in the moment and falls in love easily.

♎️ LIBRA: Lucas Brown, born September 26th.
About: Gentle, kind Lucas believes in doing the right thing—so he pushed a teenager out of the way of a car at the cost of his own life. Now a ghost, trying not to lose a sense of self or give in to resentment, he aims to be a good partner, supporting and loving the boy he haunts.

♍️ VIRGO: Keith Marose, born August 28th.
About: After a car accident, Keith has anxiety, PTSD, and the ability to see things like auras, monsters, and the ghost who's haunting him. Though self-hating and shy,  when local monsters start getting attacked, Keith jumps in to help and makes some new, strange friends along the way.


From writer and artist AH Pennington's work-in-progress science-fiction novel SONS OF RED EARTH [NOTE: 18+].

♏️ SCORPIO: Ilyas, born October 31st.
About: As the leader of an alien people in the decades following interplanetary strife—and a loss that rips apart his family from the inside—Ilyas struggles against everything and everyone, including his own son, to maintain control. Passionate, enigmatic, and fierce, Ilyas is the pounding heart at the center of this sci-fi drama.


From Lindsay Ishihiro’s webcomic MOTHERLOVER.

♑️ CAPRICORN: Alexis Koenig, born January 17.
About: Not really the type for long term relationships, Alex realized if she wanted to have a family, she’d just as well go it alone. Alex is cosmopolitan, a perfectionist, and is hardworking to a fault, and holds herself to a higher standard than she should.

♓️ PISCES: Imogen Dawson, born March 3.
About: Nurturing, patient, and selfless, Imogen's life is tightly circumscribed by the demands of keeping up with her family of six. Though content, she longs for a freedom she feels she'll never obtain.


From Meredith Katz's novella The Cybernetic Tea Shop.

♒️ AQUARIUS: Clara Gutierrez, born February 2nd.
About: Clara is a wanderer, living life at her own pace without a care for what others think of it. An AI mechanic, she adapts programs to get them as close to independent thought as is legal—and, when she meets one of the last true sentient robots, is determined to help her thrive.

♓️ PISCES: Sal, born March 15th.
About: One of the last surviving sapient robots since their creation was disallowed, Sal has spent hundreds of years caring for the tea shop her last owner entrusted her with. A quiet, sad, compassionate person, she spends most of her time in idle mode, lost in memory.


From writer Samantha Wallschlaeger, and artists Joge and Rosa "Rosakaz" Rantila, the comic series GUNCATS.

♊️ GEMINI: Iola Zolari and Cass Morales, born June 3rd (or 22nd Day of Contemplation, on Iola's planet).
About: As a pair of rookie bounty hunters in the wildest corner of space—and longtime BFFs—Cass and Iola are a pair of Gemini twins through and through. Where Cass is impulsive, adaptable, and disdainful of routine, Iola is a quick learner who hates being held back by social convention. Their shared adventurous nature helps them bag the most lucrative bounties in the galaxy... and gets them into more than their fair share of trouble.

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