Earn Dual Wield Studio Discounts!

We don't run sales very often on Dual Wield Studio for a variety of reasons. Sales impact our margins and often result in more paperwork which can add cost. They also take time to set up with our fulfillment center, with an artist to develop advertisements, etc. 

So, how can you get a discount when we're not running a sale? Easy! Choose one of the options below:

  • Submit proof of 5 written reviews, each at least 50 words in length, and obtain a $5 off coupon to be used on orders over $55. (Coupon expires within 5 days.) Your review can be for any kind of media, content, or creative work, so long as it meets the following criteria:
    • At least 50 words in length
    • Written and submitted by you
    • Constructive and kind to the creator
    • Is not unsolicited critique
  • Submit proof of 5 shares, links, retweets, etc. promoting Dual Wield Studio on any social media platform and save 10% off an order of $70 or more. These must meet the following criteria: 
    • Cannot be the same post shared 5 times.
    • Cannot break any rules of submissions on another site (don't spam our links, don't break subreddit rules, etc.)
    Basically, if you like what we do and how we do it, we would love for you to spread the word and share your thoughts with your friends! This helps us grow, and allows us to spend less money on advertising.

    Interested? Submit all proof to hello@dualwieldstudio.com for a coupon code!

    Current status: open and accepting submissions. 

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