PAX West: A Local's Guide to Seattle, Part 2 (Food)

PAX West: A Local's Guide to Seattle, Part 2 (Food)

Welcome to Part 2 of 3 in our Local's Guide to Seattle! As Seattle residents and seasoned PAX exhibitors/attendees, we wanted to provide a general overview of the city and convention along with some tips and recommendations.

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Finding a place to eat during a convention can be an unexpected adventure. Long wait times, coordinating groups, dietary restrictions, and navigating a new city can be a little overwhelming. We've included some of our favorite locations for food options here!


Delivery - These are some of our favorite restaurants to order from via delivery apps like Seamless, Eat24, Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, Caviar, etc. Most of these places are within walking distance from the convention center and can be good dine-in options, too! But these are our go-to spots when we don't feel like going out and want some great food delivered to us.

  • Daawat Grill - Indian - $7-15
    • Daawat is one of our favorite Indian places to order from. The food is fantastic, the portions are generous if you want to share, and it's a meal that reheats easily if you have a microwave.
      • Favorites: Chicken Korma

  • Piroshki on 3rd - Russian - $6-10
    • Pastries both savory and sweet, with minimal prep work, which makes it a great option to get food fast. Many of their items don't require reheating and keep well for a day or two! 
      • Favorites: Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

  • Hurry Curry of Tokyo - Japanese - $5-20
    • Delicious, authentic Japanese style curries. They also package their fried items separately, keeping them crunchy and fresh until you're ready to eat.
      • Favorites: Pork Katsu Curry

  • Pie Bar - Desserts - $8-15
    • Serving both sweet and savory pies, and open 'til 1AM for all your late night cravings.
      • Favorites: All of them

  • Skillet Counter - American - $8-25
    • Burgers, comfort food, and breakfast burritos. Their food features delicious options like bacon jelly and chocolate pie in a bowl for dessert.
      • Favorites: Chipotle Cheddar Mac and Cheese (add bacon)

  • Pokéworks - Poke - $11-15
    • There are many poke places in Seattle, but this is definitely one of the best. You can add tons of great toppings for free (the garlic crisps are a must try), and they are definitely not stingy with their fish!
      • Favorites: Build your own bowl to taste

  • Aloha Plates - Hawaiian - $9-15
    • There is nothing fancy about this place, but their food is absolutely delicious and comforting. 
      • Favorites: Chicken Katsu w/ Macaroni Salad, Spam Musubi

  • Shilla - Korean - $10-20
    • Lots of simple, classic Korean food along with some fusion dishes. If you're craving some no frills, authentic Korean food, this is a great place to order from.
      • Favorites: Japchae noodles with Soon Tofu Chige soup


Dine-In - These are some of our favorite spots to stop by for a great meal with friends. If there's an asterisk (*) next to the name, we definitely recommend making a reservation ahead of time.

  • Tap House Grill* - American - $9-15
    • Good ol' bar food: filling, delicious, and affordable. The restaurant is large enough to be a good backup if everything else is booked.
      • Favorites: Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

  • Purple Cafe and Wine Bar* - American - $10-35
    • If you're feeling fancy and want to treat yourself (or you have folks to impress), this is a great spot. Each item on the menu is paired with a recommended wine, and the restaurant itself is a beautiful venue with floor to ceiling windows and a central tower of wine bottles.
      • Favorites: Baked Brie, Fresh Fig & Gorgonzola Pizza

  • Pike Place Chowder - Seafood - $7-12
    • You can find PPC at two locations: the top floor of Pacific Place shopping mall, two blocks from the convention center in the heart of downtown; or at their original flagship cafe in Pike Place Market. Both locations have exclusive menu items, but the latter is definitely more of a tourist attraction and will most likely have longer lines. 
      • Favorites: New England Clam Chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl, Fresh Lemonade

  • Wild Ginger* - Chinese/Asian - $10-35
    • A great choice for larger groups, with family style servings and a wide range of foods. There are also separate menus for vegan/gluten-free options.
      • Favorites: Thai Prawn Satay, Fragrant Duck

  • Plum Bistro* - Vegan/Caribbean/Fusion - $12-25
    • Even if you aren't vegan, the food here is absolutely delicious and worth the trip to Capitol Hill. The head chef and owner of the restaurant rotates the menu according to the season, taking inspiration from around the globe. 
      • Favorites: BBQ Glazed Plant Loaf

  • Veggie Grill - Vegan/Fast-Casual - $5-13
    • Located just a few blocks from the convention center, this chain store serves delicious vegan food, fast and filling at a low price. 
      • Favorites: Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' Sandwich, Sweetheart Fries

  • Biscuit Bitch - Southern/Breakfast - $5-12
    • Decadent, rich Southern biscuits served hot and fresh daily at several convenient locations throughout the city. The stores also have a great, friendly atmosphere, even as you're saying/hearing "bitch" all the time.
      • Favorites: Bitchwich with Spam and Grilled Onions

  • Local 360* - New American/Cocktails - $15-30
    • A sustainable restaurant that sources everything within 360 miles of Seattle. Their menu changes seasonally, and they have a great selection of handcrafted cocktails.
      • Favorites: Housemade Garganelli (Hazelnut Pesto, Spring Vegetables)

  • Starbucks - Coffee - $2-8
    • What kind of Seattleites would we be without recommending Starbucks? While there are a ton of them around the convention center, your best is to find one further away if you want to avoid crowds. You can also order ahead with the Starbucks app for in-store pickup. One location in particular that is worth checking out is the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, a huge, dramatic space that serves as cafe, bakery, gift shop, and tour.


Food Trucks - There are tons of great food trucks around Seattle serving almost every kind of cuisine you can think of. The best place to track them is at Seattle Food Truck, which conveniently maps their locations and lists their schedules.

Got any recommendations for good eats we might have missed? Let us know!

Part 1: Travel & Transit | Part 2: Food | Part 3: Activities & Events

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