Pastel pinks, whites, and blues pop on this navy tee. Stylized humanoid shapes dance among discernable weapons such as a mace and dagger, but also grass and butterfly. The shapes are surrounded by a faint pastel blue and pink glow effect.
Closeup of the printed glow effect around the shapes on the tee.

Pride Collaboration Tee

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Show off your Pride with this special Dual Wield Studio x Flash Flood collaboration tee, designed by Lilly Strom and Dan Rocky! This navy blue tee features a unique screen printed graphic in pink and blue. Complete the look with a pin from the Pride collection!

Pride is over, but we'll still be donating 10% of purchases from our collection to queer charities annually!

  • Navy Unisex Tee

Direction: Zara Varin
Design: Lilly Strom and Dan Rocky