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Heather Sketcheroos: Baker Bunneh Surprise Baggie

Heather Sketcheroos: Baker Bunneh Surprise Baggie

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Baker Bunneh has been gracious enough to prepare a special surprise for you. Thank goodness it isn't edible, otherwise he would have eaten it by now. This surprise baggie includes one Baker Bunneh Zine that chronicles the many attempts victories of Baker Bunneh making delicious treats in the kitchen, a set of Wooden Kitteh earrings with gold posts, and 3 other randomly selected goodies!

  • 5 different, randomly selected items included
  • All bundles ensured to include one Baker Bunneh Zine and one pair of Wooden Kitteh Earrings with gold studs
  • All sales final for this bundle - We cannot accept refunds or exchanges
  • Buying multiple bundles does not guarantee that there will be no duplicate items

Find Heather's comics and more from her whimsical world here!

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