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DWS POP UP - Zoë Brookes- Feral Constellations

DWS POP UP - Zoë Brookes- Feral Constellations

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The Feral Constellations are based off of a life-long love of anatomy illustrations and bone collections. I have a personal collection of over 30 skulls, antlers, horns, teeth, and misc bones (all ethically sourced) that I love to draw from. With the exception of shirts and totes, the constellations are all 100% hand-painted and hand-embroidered.

  • Hand-embroidered and embellished with gold paint
  • Hoops measure 10'' for the small, 18'' for the large 
  • This product ships with its frame in a flat rate box*

Zoë Brookes is a graphic designer/illustrator living in Seattle, WA, specializing in the design and production of video game merchandise. She has worked at such studios as Bungie, Riot Games, and Irrational Games. Her work can be found at DesignByZoë and on Instagram.


Dual Wield Studio is a two-person team based out of Seattle built on one goal: Make things we love for the things we love. We want to create merchandise that we're excited for - whether it's for an IP that we're a fan of, or an original design that we think looks beautiful. But beyond that, we want to use it as an opportunity to help our communities. Our partnership was formed out of a shared desire to bridge gaps between IP holders, fans, and independent artists. 

By purchasing one of these items you're helping us do more events like this in the future, but more than that: you're directly supporting the freelance artist community. At least 60% of the profit goes directly to the artist. 

Want to learn more about us? Visit our About Us or our product catalog. Want to make merchandise but don't know where to start? Check out our Partnerships page. 
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