Project Submission Packet


Convention Artist Safety & Health Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the Dual Wield Studio Convention Artist Safety & Health Initiative. We are very excited to view your creative proposal. For this project, Dual Wield Studio has set up a fund to reimburse table costs, flight costs, and cost of shipping goods to [●] for artists who registered and paid for the [●] but elected not to attend when [●] changed its health protection requirements for attendees.  Dual Wield Studio is not a non-profit company and cannot reimburse everyone affected by [●]’s decisions. To do what we can, we have created a Convention Artist Safety & Health Initiative where we will commission a project from selected artists in exchange for the costs they incurred for the [●].

The initiative opportunity is available to artists who produce original works of art or fanworks. If you would like to apply for the initiative, please review the following information:

  1. To be considered, you must fill out the attached form completely, sign the form, and submit it to [●] with an email containing: (a) a brief description of your proposed art project. Following these instructions is important, as we are expecting multiple submissions and those who do not follow directions may miss out.

  2. We may already work with artists who create works that are similar to the work you describe in your proposal. We may receive other proposals that are similar to yours. Therefore, you understand that while we will not share your submission materials with anyone else, you should not expect that your work will be the only representation of similar artistic proposals.

  3. We will use reasonable efforts to let you know if we have selected your proposal by [●], 2022. 

  4. If we select your proposal, before we begin working together, you will need to sign an Artist Services Agreement with Dual Wield Studio. The agreement will confirm the commission payment amount we will pay you for the project, a reasonable production timeline for the project, our rights to sell or otherwise commercialize the project, additional compensation you will receive for the project, such as attributions, and other important, but maybe not exciting details.

  5. If your project requires payment of any fees to people or companies who help you with the project; guilds, unions, or similar groups; tax payments; insurance; or other out-of-pocket costs, you are solely responsible for paying those costs. 

  6. Dual Wield Studio is providing this initiative as a way to give back in a time of need. Therefore, you understand that just by submitting your proposal, Dual Wield Studio does not have an obligation to work with you. If you are selected, the Artists Services Agreement will be your contract with us.

  7. Submissions will be selected at Dual Wield Studio’s sole discretion. We are not obligated to select your proposal.

  8. Dual Wield Studio makes no representations or warranties as to the outcome, success, or potential success of your project. You release Duel Wield Studio its staff from any claims or liabilities you may attribute to your participation in this initiative. 



Artist Name:


Artist’s EIN/TIN/SSN:

Medium of Proposed Project:


By submitting your proposal and signing below, you agree to all of the above terms and you represent and warrant that all of the information provided on this form is true and accurate.

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