Independent/Small Creators

We love our fandom, and we want the chance to work together officially! If you’re a small creator who’s interested in creating merch based on a property we represent, read on.

NOTE: If you have already created Among Us, The Henry Stickmin Collection, Tamora Pierce merchandise/assets now or in the past and would like to speak with us about having your items officially licensed, we'd love to speak to you!

Please email (for all Innersloth partnerships) OR (for all other partnerships) an email with the following information filled out as well as further details provided in the bullet points: 

Full name  First name, last name (must be legal name)
Contact email address Your email address
Location: What country or region you are located in. 
Links to current storefront(s) All links to where you currently sell items. If you sublicense your artwork to other storefronts, please include this if done within the last year.
Merchandise categories: Please include the general categories you produce merchandise in. For example: enamel pins, accessories, plush toys. Please specify if you work with an outside manufacturer to make these items, or if they are self produced.
Proof of origin We take art theft seriously. For items you'd like to pitch to an IP holder to have be part of the artist alley, you must be the original creator, and must have full ownership rights. For example: artwork you drafted yourself is okay. If you submitted a 3D printed toy, but did not complete the sculpt yourself this is not allowed. Items that do not have proof of origin cannot be accepted.
Resume/portfolio: Please link us your most up-to-date portfolio and/or resume. If your IP-related works are not included within your portfolio, please include a link, or attach thumbnails to the email. 
Upcoming tradeshows/conventions: What shows are you attending in 2021/2022?
Sales data and prior sales reports on items you've sold using the IP: Please provide historical data for the sales of the products you've made in the past using the IP you would like to partner with us on. These do not have to be fancy reports you spend a lot of time on! Utilize the report function from wherever you sell your items. PLEASE DO NOT include customer information, only raw sales data.
Original merchandise sold:  If not linked in prior items, please also send over any original work you do!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: you must be of legal age in your location to work with/for us. 
Please DO NOT take this as a request to develop work without pay nor as us accepting you if you email! You will know if you are accepted when we follow up! If you haven’t made IP-related merchandise, we still encourage you to submit your current portfolio! We can look at the work you’ve done and possibly come up with new ideas together.

If you are hired to create an item for Dual Wield Studio, we will provide you with an official contract, due dates, clear expectations, and fair pay. If you have already created items and have been selling them in the past, this will not get you in trouble and you will be paid for any items brought under our license.

While we cannot work with everyone who will submit, we are very excited to begin working in earnest with the vibrant, talented community that exists for our licenses. If we do not select your work, we will still kindly ask you to please not sell it if it violates the relevant fanart policy for that IP but we may find other ways to work together in the future! 

Thank you so much; we look forward to hearing from you!

Note: we reserve the right to update this as needed.