We're excited that you want to make items related to Dual Wield Studio licensed properties! So, how do you get started?

We’ve created a plan so businesses large and small can apply to create officially-licensed Dual Wield Studio licensed properties merchandise. (If you are an independent or small creator, please check our Small Creator guidelines).

Please note that we've been working with various partners for over a year now, and some territories/regions are not open. If you want to check and see the status of a region/its licensing, please check Innersloth's Partnership page. In general, LATAM, KR are wholly taken care of and we have partners for worldwide apparel and toys. We are not entertaining other partnerships at this time for those areas/categories except in the following circumstances: 

  • REQUIRED: You must be able to generate your own artwork. We do not want to partner with any businesses who will only use asset art and will not create/draft their own artwork and feature their own in-house artists. 
  • REQUIRED: If you are looking at toys/apparel and can generate your own artwork using your in-house (or contract) artists, we are only open to considering limited release partnerships. 

If you can fulfill both of these, we'd like an email from you! Please reach out to Please note we get a huge number of emails; we will only follow up if we are interested in working together. Please do not send multiple emails after your first, and do not send repeated follow ups if you have been told no. 

If interested, please send us the following:

  • Territories you distribute to or would like to distribute to. 
  • Examples of original artwork generated by your team.
  • Examples of how you would treat the Among Us brand (a good reference point is the Official Innersloth store!) using mock-ups or examples.
  • Item categories you are interested in. 
  • Royalty advance you are suggesting (MG).
  • We prefer to work with manufacturers that prioritize the health and safety of their workers. For each manufacturer suggested, please include these specifications:
    • Are they fully compliant with all safety requirements for selling within the territories you are requesting? 
    • Does their factory have a union?
    • Does their factory meet ILO standards? (found here; please note we are still developing our full terms for manufacturing)
      • Extremely high QOL (quality of living, ie. pay, benefits, time off, etc) may be allowed in lieu of unionization, but will be a case by case basis. 

Please send your inquiries with all the requested information to! New inquiries ONLY please. If you have already reached out, please be patient! We have every email that has been sent and will follow up based on interest and availability.