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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Merchandise 101 PDF

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Merchandise 101 PDF

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Ever wondered about the process of making merchandise? Unsure where to start but want to start dipping your toes in? This guide is for you!

This guide is not intended to act as rigid instruction on “how to create merchandise.” Instead, it was written to provide a level of guidance for people who are looking to create their own merchandise and are seeking tips or best practices. For those who wish to outsource the creation and fulfillment of merchandise, this is also meant to be a starting point to help you understand some of the steps that need to be taken.

  • 34 pages 
  • Includes important dates and timelines for product creation
  • Limited copies available to accommodate feedback/edits.
Art & Design - Jewels Lei, Sasha B. 
Direction, writing - Rowan Rowden, Adrienne Cho
Special thanks to Andrea R., Ben G. Kelly C., Alisha P., and the 50+ people who asked or answered questions!
LAST UPDATE: May 14, 2019
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