Green slime blushing pilfer plush with gold plush on its head on white background.
Angle view of green Pilfer plush on white background
Left side view of green pilfer plush, reveling Undermine hangtag on the back, on white background.
Right side view of green Pilfer Plush.
Right side angled view of green Pilfer Plush.
Closeup of shining eye, coral blush, and squiggle mouth embroidery on the Pilfer plush's face.
Closeup of hand touching the gold nugget plush atop the Pilfer Plush head.
Closeup of hand removing the gold plush from the top of the Pilfer plush's head.
Pilfer plush rests on white background beside removed gold nugget plush.

UNDERMINE: Pilfer Plush

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Pilfer are cute, green slimes that love Gold. Once free Gold hits the ground, the pilfers will appear and attempt to steal it! "Pilfer" was originally a pejorative nickname given to these creatures, as they constantly attempted to steal gold mined by the peasants.
There seems to be no end to them. They have become a constant in the gold mines and other parts of the UnderMine. It is unknown who the Pilfers serve or what they do with the gold they steal, but now you can bring one home!

  • Measures approximately 9" tall
  • Magnetic gold attachment
  • Made of 100% polyester