Zoe Brookes: Cats and Ferns Mask Cover
Zoe Brookes: Cats and Ferns Mask Cover

Zoe Brookes: Cats and Ferns Mask Cover

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The CDC has issued a recommendation that everyone should be wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19. While previously leaving N95s and other PPE to medical workers was essential, now there is more access. However, N95s are boring! Mask covers can add some cute detail/decor to your outfit and allow you to be safe in style.  We've hired cosplayers to use their spare fabric to create home-sewn masks covers for daily wear, repurposing what they have!

  • Each artist was paid an hourly rate of $20, plus materials costs to create each mask cover. 
  • Each mask cover follows a hospital-provided pattern and material usage. 
  • Please wash your mask cover when you receive it. Due to limited accessibility to professional hospital mask-washing facilities, these masks have not been professionally laundered. Our fulfillment center individually bags them and has taken great pains to ensure the safety of employees but we encourage you to wash your masks after each use and upon receipt.

Fabric Design by Zoë Brookes
Sewing by Kemi Osibeluwo
Fabric printed by: Garage Champs