Pink lucky cat pattern mask on white background.
Green multicolor mushroom mask on white background.
Black lace pattern mask on white background.
Black and red stackup mask on white background.
Black and white stackup mask on white background.
All 5 masks together on white background.

Cosplayer Crafted Mask Covers

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The CDC has issued a recommendation that everyone should be wearing masks to slow the spread of COVID-19. Leaving N95s and other PPE to medical workers is essential. With hospitals asking for donations of home-sewn masks, and many people out of work, we've hired cosplayers to use their spare fabric to create home-sewn masks for daily wear, repurposing what they have!

Please use these as a covering on top of a currently approved CDC/WHO mask!

  • Each artist was paid an hourly rate of $20, plus materials costs to create each mask. 
  • Each mask follows a hospital-provided pattern and material usage. 
  • Some masks utilize ties, or elastic; please note which mask uses what when you purchase.
  • A portion of all Stack Up mask sales proceeds benefit Stack Up
  • Please note, the anticipated turn-around time for orders on out-of-stock items is approximately 2-3 weeksIf you order anything else with your mask, it will be delayed until those masks arrive.
  • Please wash your mask when you receive it. Due to limited accessibility to professional hospital mask-washing facilities, these masks have not been professionally laundered. Our fulfillment center individually bags them and has taken great pains to ensure the safety of employees but we encourage you to wash your masks after each use and upon receipt.

Rising Mushrooms - Joanne's Fabrics for the pattern, sewing by Fresh Hot Flavors

  • 100% cotton with Rising Mushroom pattern stitched in two layers. 100% cotton yellow back and 5/8 inch seafoam green soft fold-over elastic. 

Lucky Cats - Lucky Cat Pattern by IKOPlusFabric, sewing by Fresh Hot Flavors

  • 100% cotton with Lucky Cat pattern stitched in two layers. 100% cotton red back and 5/8 inch red soft fold-over elastic.

Black Lace - Mia Siegert

  • 100% cotton with black bridal lace on the underside. 

Stack Up - Mia Siegert

  • 100% cotton with red cords and a Stack Up logo printed via Cricut and attached. 
What if I want a custom mask designed? 
We're working with a growing list of cosplayers like the ones above to develop custom masks based around colors, themes, and characters. You can read more about our custom mask creation process here.