Front view of Vermillion Bird standee that demonstrates the three forms of the Chrysalis: a red bird flying holding a sword in its beak to the left, a between bird and Chrysalis state in the middle, and the full size mecha drawing a bow and arrow on the right. The base is clear acrylic and in red reads: "Iron Widow" on one side and "Vermillion Bird" on the other.
Side view of Vermillion Bird acrylic standee.
Right side view of Vermillion Bird standee.
Above view of the disassembled 4-piece Vermillion Bird acrylic standee on white background.
Side view of Vermillion Bird Standee to demonstrate acrylic thickness.
Vermillion Bird acrylic standee with warm wood and gold decoration in background.
All Iron Widow acrylic standees on tin and wooden table centerpiece and gold decoration in background.

Iron Widow: Vermillion Bird Standee

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Watch as Vermillion Bird transforms before your very eyes with this four piece acrylic standee.

  • Acrylic standee
  • Figures: 11.8cm x 12.7cm, 9.2cm x 11.3cm, 8.1cm x 8.6cm
  • Base: 8.4cm x 12.7cm

© Xiran Jay Zhao
Design direction: Mengmeng Liu
Art: Misael Gio Manning

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