The Tamora Pierce Collection by Dual Wield Studio

The Tamora Pierce Collection by Dual Wield Studio

Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with fantasy author Tamora Pierce in creating the first line of officially licensed merchandise for her books. Like countless others around the globe, Rowan has been a fan of Tamora's work since she was a child, so being able to make products for a world that means so much to so many is an honor.

For our first foray into the world of Tortall, we wanted to include items fans have come to expect, but also a few handcrafted pieces that step beyond the usual. Many artists, artisans, and fans have worked hard to create these products, and we hope you love them as much as we do! You can view the full collection HERE, or keep reading to learn more about each product.

Alanna Sword & Shield Pins - $24.00

Designed by Yoshi Yoshitani, these chained sword & shield pins are perfect for shirt collars.


Darking Pinset - $21.00

Designed by Alyssa Maynard, these little darkings come in a set of three pins.


Keladry Shield Shirt & Keladry Shield Tank - starting at $37.00 (Limited to 75 each)

Designed by MJ Erickson, these limited edition shirts and tanks are screenprinted with Keladry of Mindelan's coat of arms and feature gold foil accents.

In addition to collaborating with fans of Tamora Pierce for the products above, we are working with two local artists to create unique, handcrafted jewelry.

Ember Glass Necklace - $90

Lael Bennett has been creating fused dichroic glass jewelry for 25 years. The necklaces are created by individually fusing glass in a kiln, then hand-polished and assembled after they come out. Her pieces are created from individual layers of glass carefully placed together and then fired in a kiln at 1,460 degrees. After they are removed, the pieces are placed onto a grinder to provide an edge to place wiring. The groove then holds the silver wire and is hand wrapped to form a bail for hanging.


Badger Claw Necklace - starting at $200

Hilary Kamien is a maker of fine silver jewelry with a passion for preserving the beauty of nature in a sustainable, respectful way. This pendant is made with silver metal clay (also called precious metal clay, or PMC) composed of 99% pure eco-friendly recycled silver. Each piece is formed, cut, and filed by hand using a mold from a sustainably harvested badger claw. During firing, the clay binder burns off and the silver particles melt into a solid piece. The piece is then tumbled for strength and extra shine. All other metal used is sterling silver, sometimes oxidized and lightly polished like an antiqued heirloom treasure.

Both necklace pendants are made to order and will be shipped approximately 2-3 weeks after you place your order. You can read more about our pre-order policies here. Every pendant comes with an 18" brown leather cord necklace and is packaged in a custom gold foil embossed red leatherette jewelry box with velvet interior.

The first 50 orders of jewelry will also receive a free postcard gift featuring art of Jump guarding Kel's armory, illustrated by Kendra WellsEach postcard is personally signed by Tamora Pierce and limited to one per customer.

As always, one of our goals as a company is to introduce you to artists creating new and exciting work we think you'll love. We hope you'll check out all of these artists and show them your support!

Find Tamora Pierce's Tortall books here!

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These are so amazing! I hope Sandry, Tris, Briar, and Daja inspired things happen soon! Their books are the ones that made me fall in love with Tamora Pierce’s work. 10/10 Love and Adore this collection!


I saw Tammy post about this on Tumblr just this afternoon, and by the time I got here to purchase, the tank tops were already sold out! I was hoping to get a Keladry tank for my sister for the holidays this year, or at least pre-order one for her birthday later. I’d rather support actual artists and authors than order off a third-party site like redbubble.


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the comments, suggestions and support! To answer everyone’s questions publically:

The Tamora Pierce tank tops were a single run item and we have no plans to reprint this design currently. However, we will be launching new items soon. To make sure you keep up to date with future product releases, be sure to sign up for the store newsletter (found here: as well as follow Dual Wield Studio on social media (@DualWieldStudio everywhere!)

For those of you suggesting new items: thank you! We hope that you like the upcoming releases we have planned.

Rowan/Dual Wield Studio

This is delightful merch! So sad to have missed the boat on the Kel tanks, guess they went fast.
Any chance they will do another run in future?

Julia Lank

I’m so excited for Tortall merch! This is going to massively simplify my answers to relatives, when they ask me what I want for Christmas haha!


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