Artist Spotlight: Jewels Lei

Artist Spotlight: Jewels Lei

We are excited to announce the first in our Artist Spotlight series, a collaboration between Dual Wield Studio and artists creating new, original, and inspired items.

The first in this collaboration is with Jewels Lei, a New York based designer. You can find more of their work on Cargo Collective.

We have worked with Jewels on previous Dual Wield Studio products, including our pins and packaging. But a few months ago, Jewels approached us a with a number of their own projects for original, handcrafted accessories. The moment we saw the designs, we knew we needed to have them in our storefront! From delicate wire wrapped aura crystals in hair clips and keychains to sturdy, upcycled leather headphone keepers, we're so excited to give you guys a first look at the designs they've come up with.

Jewels' work is the first in our Artist Spotlight series, and we hope to do more of these collaborations in the near future. Keep an eye on our social media to get the first look at upcoming designs. If you are an artist yourself and have original items you'd like to pitch to us, please reach out

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